Pizza is Essencial 

Casual or as we like to called (Magical nights of pizza) are devoted to express culture, season, experiences and stories of people through a food that now has no frontiers. It is UNIVERSAL


 Casual Friday ?

A night where pizza, and drinks are a must. However, in our ever changing menu always something is going on. So, you might have the opportunity, if you wish, to try something new that the kitchen is working on. It could be anything and everything.



Where can I order and see the menu?

 In the following link you will have part of the pizza menu but as we mentioned prior, we are always changing and our best advice to all our guests for the first time is to call or better come in and check out what we are doing that day.

Plese note that we are open Friday night only


A place with a chef choice menu based on seasonal ingredients. You must come with:

 An empty stomach a hungry mind
 Afraid of nothing
Excited about everything


Can I walk in ?

Yes, from 05:00pm to 10:00pm only on Friday night. However, due to our reduced space we highly advise to any guest to call prior to avoid any inconvenience  

When can we order ?

Pizzas delivery & pick up are  available only on Friday. From 05:00pm - 10:00pm  

You can pre-order them during the week or the same night. 

Pick up or delivery is available. Call us or text us.

For pick up or delivery, please indicate the date and preference in the note section

Eat, Enjoy, Come back


Yes, you can place a reservation and they are only mandatory  for saturday and sunday and they must be book at least 7 days in advance.  A deposit is required to reserve your table. It is a 30% estimate of your total bill. Deposits are refundable until 7 days prior to your reservation date.

Click on "RESERVE YOUR TABLE", select the amount of people that are coming, find the date you would like to book, once you set up the date, you wil have to put a deposit to reserve your spot. For more info you can call us at 416-999-2226 or email us at info@anaboliceats.com

How many people can attend

A maximum of 10 people can attend, if a party of more desires to book, please contact us at info@anaboliceats.com or call us at 416-999-2226

Why are you a no-tipping restaurant?

The prompt for tipping is removed from all our devices – nothing extra to pay on top of your bill at the end of your visit. Our wish is to be part of a new future for the hospitality industry where everyone is compensated equitably and professionally, providing stability and security. 

Historically, the tipping system in the hospitality industry has meant a significant portion of income that was uninsurable – meaning reduced contributions to employment insurance, maternity/paternity leave, Canada Pension Plan, etc. 

Fair compensation is only one small step in ensuring an equitable and safe working environment for the skilled professionals we are lucky to work with. For us, working in restaurants is a vocation. It is our profession, our craft, and our choice – a fair and equitable wage is a basic right in other industries. 

Do you accommodate any dietary restrictions?

We require minimum 72 hours notice of any dietary restrictions in your party. We regret we do not offer a full vegan or vegetarian menus. We do our best to accommodate mild allergies but given the small size of our kitchen there are no precautions we can take to ensure zero cross contamination for severe allergies. For this reason, we are not able to accommodate guests where cross-contamination can trigger a reaction. Please give us as much information as possible about your allergy, and we will be in touch if further clarification is required or if we will not be able to safely cook for you.

What does my reservation include? 

When you purchase a reservation for dinner, it covers your multi-course menu, but does not include optional menu supplements, dessert, or beverages. 

Is the deposit the total cost of the experience and is it refundable?

No, the deposit is not the total cost of the experience, the deposit is a 30% estimate of your total bill. It is only refundable until 7 days prior to the day of your booking.

Do you offer private parties at people's houses?

Yes, we do, for more information  please contact us at info@anaboliceats.com or call us at 416-999-2226 Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm EST.