For the Planet

At Δnabolic eats

Our very first task is to talk about sustainability for many reasons. One is to save time, equipment and as many disbelief, money. In the kitchen being renewable it is fundamental for the sake of the company's growth. However, it's not only about saving, but most of all, learning, developing and teaching to be more supportable for us, animals, small, microscopic and any living organisms and the most important of all, THE PLANET.  We strongly believe that the main issue is poor and lack of understanding of our surrounding. Therefore, we are unconsciously jeopardizing many species including humans. Which is why one of our top missions is to try to contribute to reduce that gap by creating a proactive ways of understanding and contributing into creating a more tolerable future. 


How do we START ?

Most of Anabolic Eats ingredients come from different farms across Canada 


The majorities of our packaging are composable





All composable ingredients will end up in the composed soil pile, that we then use in spring/summer/fall/ and in winter vegetables.


The recipes are in synchrony with the season and the dishes will share ingredients that minimize waste.





On top of all, we do the best of our capacities to avoid the use paper (No business cards, no flyers, no recipe papers)