Yakitori Brussels

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Devoted to express culture, season, experiences and stories of people through a food that now has no frontiers. 

It's complicated.... If you are not a fan of Brussel sprouts, you must definitely have to try this complicated beauty. This is not your typical pizza, but it takes pizza combinations to a whole new level. As our mantra say, "Expect the Unexpected". 

Ingredients: Bocconcini, European Yakitori Sauce, Roasted Brussel sprout leaves, Pickle roasted peppers, Jamon Serrano. *Optional: No Jamon Serrano

All our grains are organic, stoneground and from Ontario.

 Note: Sourdough it is NOT gluten-free. However, as a result of using stoneground whole grains, the residual concentration of gluten in our 24-hour fermented sourdough, is smaller (20 parts per million) than in other crusts because the  sourdough feeds of gluten, during the break down process.