Pan Dulce - aka (BRIOCHE)

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Butter & sugar make it just perfect !! 

Pan dulce is also made with  wild yeast. Which still does all the work that we are devoted to do. The only thing is that this piece of work serve more like a treat for yourself, somebody else or both !

Benefits of sourdough:

- The friendly bacteria in the sourdough helps break down the flour, which makes it more digestible and nutritious.

- The fermentation process of sourdough helps your gut bacteria thrive.

- Slow digesting process, which prevents sugar levels from spiking and dropping dramatically. This is extremely important for diabetic people or endurance athletes.

- It provides different types of fiber.

 Note: Sourdough it is NOT gluten-free. However, as a result of using stoneground whole grains, the residual concentration of gluten in our 24-hour fermented sourdough, is smaller (20 parts per million) than in other breads because the  sourdough feeds of gluten, during the break down process.