Jacked Pasta

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Devoted to express culture, season, experiences and stories of people through food that now has no frontiers. 


Main: Red Lentil Pasta 

Side: Dehydrated mushroom sauce, in season Wild mushrooms, Kefalograviera cheese & Anabolic sourdough bread

Quantities Women: Red lentil pasta 70gr, Cheese 15gr, Anabolic Bread 54gr (1 slice)

Quantities Men: Red lentil pasta 100gr, Cheese 15gr, Anabolic Bread 54gr (1 slice)

Note: Pasta measurements are raw.

Estimated Calories and Macronutrients:

Calories: 380-410

Protein: 24-27gr

Carbohydratres: 60-66gr

Fats: 7-9gr

Note: Our goal is to break the boundaries of the industry and its "boring" meal planning.  Meals will not be breaking down based on "keto" "high carb" "paleo". We cook with a goal in mind, amazing flavour that will provide nutritional value while staying on track with your caloric intake for the day.