800g Sourdough Bread

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3 Ingredients, 1 Beauty!

Our 100% organic sourdough is made with only 3 ingredients, flour, water and salt.

All our grains are organic, stoneground and from Ontario.

Benefits of sourdough:

- The friendly bacteria in the sourdough helps break down the flour, which makes it more digestible and nutritious.

- The fermentation process of sourdough helps your gut bacteria thrive.

- Slow digesting process, which prevents sugar levels from spiking and dropping dramatically. This is extremely important for diabetic people or endurance athletes.

- It provides different types of fiber.

- With the help of seeds, the amount of fiber, protein and nutrient density increases, making it an even better source of energy.

 Note: Sourdough it is NOT gluten-free. However, as a result of using stoneground whole grains, the residual concentration of gluten in our 24-hour fermented sourdough, is smaller (20 parts per million) than in other breads because the  sourdough feeds of gluten, during the break down process.