Tomate Tartare

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Devoted to express culture, season, experiences and stories of people through food that now has no frontiers. 

This pizza represent Ontario vanity, saying we are here and our tomatoes are amazing try me while you can, if NOT see you next year. 

Ingredients:  Cherries tomatoes, Grilled zucchini, Dehydrate beefsteak tomato, Olive oil, Parsley, Maldon salt. 

All our grains are organic, stoneground and from Ontario.

 Note: Sourdough it is NOT gluten-free. However, as a result of using stoneground whole grains, the residual concentration of gluten in our 24-hour fermented sourdough, is smaller (20 parts per million) than in other crusts because the  sourdough feeds of gluten, during the break down process.