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Portions on the pictures are not equivalent to the actual portion sizes, the portions shown are for aesthetic purposes.

Devoted to express culture, season, experiences and stories of people through food that now has no frontiers. 

Main: Brine and sous vide cooked  beef heart

Side: Mixed greens and candy sunflower and pumpkin seeds 

Dressing:  Olive oil, vincotto and salt 

How to eat: Room Temp

Large Size: Beef Heart 100gr, 

Note: This dish is on the milder side. After  the liver, heart is the most lean protein on the cow body but without the metallic flavor, on  the contrary has a very subtle iron meat flavor. Cutting it thing as carpaccio  make it  more approachable for consumption. 

Estimated Calories and Macronutrients:

Calories: 500-550

Protein: 28-33

Carbohydratres: 15-20gr

Fats: 30-35gr

Note: Our goal is to break the boundaries of the industry and its "boring" meal planning.  Meals will not be breaking down based on "keto" "high carb" "paleo". We cook with a goal in mind, amazing flavour that will provide nutritional value while staying on track with your caloric intake for the day.