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The decay of any human will begin when they think there it’s nothing to learn, nothing to improve and nothing to believe in.

- Andres Rivas


Andres Rivas 

Co-Founder, Cook, Researcher, Movie & Music lover.

Cooking is fundamental for all of us. However, on my case, I do enjoy telling stories through food, while making people comfortable in a harmonious ambience. Along with my addiction of knowing things for the sake of knowing and in conjunction with the team, I try my best to express the  information I  collected, in order to  help the company and the team growth. 

Random fact ;

Making music, write, and watch movies calms me down at any moment and when summer comes lets' party with the fishes in the lake and adventures in the wild.

Alejandro Rivas 

Co-Founder, Fitness & Nutrition Coach

 It is not only about helping people look good, exercise like maniacs or keep them hungry to achieve “their goals”. My passion for fitness and nutrition comes from the idea to help people discover, realize and develop a commitment to fulfill their own true potential. Creating long lasting sustainable habits that improve people's overall wellbeing.

Apart from of course being passionate about fitness, I enjoy cooking and trying different things, especially things that we can use at Anabolic Eats. Also, I am also into reading about history, self development, gaming, superhero movies and Japanese animation.

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